Apple iPad Camera Kit
(NZ RR $51)

Import photos or video using the SD card or USB connection to your iPad

Use in classroom?
Download everyday photo's to view on iPad, create slideshows, special effects etc using downloaded Apps Use photo's for Poetry prompts, story writing inspiration etc, etc.

Rating: 5/5
Apple iPad Keyboard

(NZ RR $121)
Use your iPad like a laptop and charge it at the same time.

Use in classroom?
My concerns are:
Use vs Cost?

Home or office maybe but still not convinced for the classroom.

Rating 2/5
Apple iPad Dock connecter to VGA adaptor

(NZ RR $51)

Use in classroom?
Connect your iPad to a TV, projector, monitor or LCD screen if it has a VGA connector.

Initially disappointed with this connector. Have found Apps that do a far better job, depending on purpose. Eg Air Display.

This adaptor shows video content but not iPad screen, you can share 'Keynote' and some Apps allow you to use this display.

Rating 2/5
Apple iPad Cover

(NZ RR $71)

This cover has several functions. It has a stand and can be viewed both landscape and portrait. It has a sturdy metal insert in front cover for protection. It is thin, easily stoed and all ports easily accessed.

Rating 5/5
Belkin Screen Overlay

(NZ RR $24.99)

A MUST for protecting screen from 'sticky fingers', scratches and day to day wear.

Rating 5/5 (Initial rating)....."I use to think"

Rating ? Unnecessary?........"Now I think"

NOTE: Valid and interesting discussion today with Warren Hall from Core Education - his two children 18months and 4 years have given his iPad 'constant' use without any screen protection and NOT a mark. My experience with 'scratches' I felt were 'saved' by having the plastic coating on the unit may have been just that 'scratches on plastic' and as Warren suggested the actual screen would never have scratched in the first place! I can also see Warren's point that the cost would be excessive for school's places bulk orders. Thanks for your valuable feedback Warren.
Apple iPad Learning Lab

I can't rate this one as haven't seen one.....yet!

Below is the blurb that appears on Apple's site

Pricing available on the Apple website.